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Our Oracle Support services are entirely UK Based


Oracle support from Certified Professionals



DBA Packages brochure

Download Oracle Support brochure - a comprehensive description of all our standard packages

Oracle Support - Oracle Managed Services

As an Oracle partner, we have many years experience providing DBA support services for our own systems and for our customers.

Oracle Support Overview - DBA services

Our Oracle Support service is entirely UK based and all database administrator’s are Oracle Certified Professional or Oracle Certified Master.

We offer a range of 5 standard DBA packages from a basic business day package through to a comprehensive 24/7 package all of which are described in our brochure.


Our White Paper on DBA Provisioning

We share our insights into DBA provisioning, including the role of the DBA in the modern organisation, duties of the DBA, strategies for protecting your business, an assessment of the economics of DBA provioning and much more. The must read document is provided free of charge and may be downloaded here: DBA White Paper


DBA Package example - Platinum


Platinum DBA service

We offer two levels of service at this level: Platinum covers the business day from 08:00 to 18:00 and Platinum 24-7 provides full coverage 24hours a day.


Our popular Platinum package has the following key features:

  • Named Account manager, Primary and Secondary DBA’s – both OCP qualified
  • Support hours 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
  • Full onsite healthcheck at start of contract  and annually – enabling us to onboard your environment with our team
  • Unlimited helpdesk access
  • Covers up to 2 production and 2 non-production databases
  • Includes manual daily checks and active monitoring
  • Out of hours maintenance if required at no extra charge
  • Upgrades and patching
  • Primarily a remote service,  but a DBA will come onsite at no extra charge if required
  • Pro-active tuning and performance monitoring
  • Database backup and restore


This is a full-featured DBA package for peace of mind and data security.


For a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time DBA your business enjoys these benefits:

  • 10 hour coverage (no lunch breaks!) each working day
  • No worries about covering for absenses
  • Eliminate succession planning and recruitment costs
  • No training costs (or associated absence)
  • Out of hours maintenance is included at no extra cost
  • Access to a team of experts with vast accumulated experience
  • DBA services to an agreed SLA