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When should you ask us for advice about licensing?


  • When deploying a new Oracle installation
  • When you are upgrading an existing installation
  • When you need to renew a support contract
  • When your requirements or environment (eg hardware platform) are changing

Whether you are upgrading your existing installation, implementing a new Oracle application or migrating an application to Oracle we have the expertise to help you.



We will advise you on the most cost effective licensing model and provide you with a competitive quotation

Oracle Licensing


Our main focus is on Oracle Database, but we also cover a range of other products including Primavera, TimesTen, Berkeley, Rdb, WebLogic, Internet Application Server, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Webcenter, Identity Management etc.

We aim to beat any genuine quotation for Oracle licences, support and services

It is important to ensure that your use of Oracle is compliant with your licensing and that it will pass an Oracle compliance audit. If in doubt please contact us for advice.

The cost and choice of Oracle licence is influenced by the server(s) Oracle is deployed on. We can advise on optimising your installation costs through selection of appropriate server hardware from DELL and IBM.


Licensing choices

The are a number of options which are discussed briefly on this page:

  • Perpetual or term licence
  • Which Oracle database edition
  • Processor based or Named User licence


- Oracle Licence Term

Most customers choose a "perpetual" licence. However, depending on the product, a "term" licence may be available at reduced cost, for between 1 and 5 years. As you would expect, this can be less economical in the long term but could be of value to customers with only a short term requirement for Oracle, or where there are budget limitations.


- Oracle Database Edition

Choosing the right edition of the database is critical with regard to licensing, functionality and cost. Each edition has its merits, but buying the wrong edition could be an expensive mistake, illustrated in the following table based on the Oracle UK (June 2010) price list for a processor licence:


Approx. Price factor
Express Edition (XE)
Standard Edition One
Standard Edition
Enterprise Edition


For further details on the difference between editions see:


Note these licensing limitations:

  • Standard Edition One may only be licensed on servers with a maximum capacity of two sockets. This refers literally to sockets, not CPU's - so a four socket server populated with two CPU's would be out of scope and not licensable.
  • Similarly, a licence restriction of a maximum of four sockets per server applies to Standard Edition


- Licensing model - Processor or Named User Plus

There is a choice of a per-user licence or a processor-based licence.

Named User Plus

The cost of the licence is based on the number of users. A "user" includes human users and non-human users (eg a sensor). Note that minimums apply:

  • Standard Edition: Minimum of 5 named user plus licences per server
  • Enterprise Edition: Minimum of 25 named user plus licences per CPU

Processor Licence

This is used where users cannot be identified and counted (eg for a web application) or where it is more economical than a Named User Plus licence.


Legal and Contractual note:

This brief introduction to Oracle Licensing and support is intended as a general guide and is not intended to be definitive and is not to be used as the basis for a contract. Oracle terms and conditions are subject to review and this guide cannot cover the whole spectrum of options applying to individual installations.

For further advice and a definitive appraisal of your requirements please contact us.