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DB2 Success Stories

IBM has published a document titled "Six reasons to move from Oracle to IBM"

This is a brief summary - for more detail information please refer to the IBM document, which has links to the individual detailed case stories.:

1. Performance

With the growth of its international business, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen was introducing more data, new applications and additional users into its SAP ERP environment. As a result, Oracle database performance was suffering, which impacted user productivity and business efficiency.

After the move to DB2 they found:

  • IBM DB2 Deep Compression has reduced total database sizes by around 40 percent, and delivered significant performance improvements.
  • Query response times have been reduced by 25 percent, batch processes by
    44 percent and backups by 71 percent.
  • Faster database response has improved total business productivity, with reports available more quickly and higher transaction throughput.

2. Cost savings

Agriculture, foods and chemicals group Agrofert migrated from a mixed database environment, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, to IBM DB2 as its standard database and deployed centralized storage systems for critical business data.

  • Eliminating local systems greatly reduced administration, support and license costs.
  • Consolidated storage helps to reduce costs, and IBM DB2 Deep Compression will reduce total storage requirements.
  • Total cost reductions are estimated at 20 percent.


3. Usability

Newell Rubbermaid replaced its legacy databases, Oracle and Adabas, with IBM DB2 as its global standard for all SAP applications. To ensure performance, reliability and availability, Newell Rubbermaid deployed the new solution on IBM Power Systems servers.

  • The IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator enables Newell Rubbermaid to process business intelligence queries on average 30 to 50 times faster, and in some cases, as much as twice as fast as before, even without specific optimization of aggregated data.
  • DB2 Deep Compression has reduced average storage volumes by 58 percent, cutting total storage costs by US$300,000 in year one.
  • DB2 integrated data cockpit has reduced administrative workload by 25 percent, so just one database administrator can now manage the entire landscape

4. Scalability

Automotive bearings manufacturer Schaeffler KG found that increasing use of business analysis was driving rapid growth in data storage needs. As volumes grew, application performance tended to decline, frustrating the users in their search for information. Schaeffler KG replaced the Oracle database used for SAP NetWeaver BW with IBM DB2 version 9.1

  • The immediate impact was to reduce the SAP NetWeaver BI database volume by 43 percent, from 8 TB to 4.5 TB, and other databases also benefited from significant reductions.
  • With reduced total storage requirements, Schaeffler KG is able to deploy its existing infrastructure more effectively and avoid the need for capacity expansion.
  • The migration to IBM DB2 has improved system performance, which allows Schaeffler KG to exploit its existing infrastructure without upgrade.

5. Reliability

The rollout of an HP and Oracle infrastructure lacked the security Payment Solution Providers (PSP) required, making it difficult to comply with the banking industry's PCI compliance standards. In addition, PSP was using separate servers for each of its clients' development, production and availability requirements. As a result, PSP anticipated having a sprawling, inefficient infrastructure that would take up too much space and rack up excessive costs for IT management, power and cooling, and software licenses. The company wanted to grow its business in North America and selected the z10™ Business Class mainframe with tightly integrated IBM z/OS® and DB2 software to support the development of new business channels for card processing.

  • PSP expects to improve operating efficiencies and lower IT costs up to 35 percent.
  • The mainframe with DB2 provides PSP the 99.999 percent availability needed to support its payments business.
  • By running on the IBM System z® mainframe, PSP's Atlantics Payment Switch can process up to 5,000 transactions per second (TPS).

6. Efficiency

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP( needed to update its back-office systems. Maintenance costs for the existing Oracle database environment were escalating, leading BCP to seek a more cost-effective solution. The company decided to move to IBM DB2 9. The migration was completed within budget and on time in just 45 days, with the IBM teams maintaining total transparency of the process for the customer.

  • Replacing the Oracle database with IBM DB2 is estimated to cut IT data management costs by 50 percent and computing storage costs by 45 percent.
  • Combining IBM DB2 and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse technology has given Banco de Crédito del Perú centralized, high-performing and comprehensive enterprise management and business intelligence capabilities.
  • The powerful and robust IBM BladeCenter and Power Systems servers provide the ideal platform, keeping all software running optimally with minimal management overhead.