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DB2 Purescale

Reduce the risk and cost of business growth with application cluster transparency and continuous availability.

Designed for organizations that run online transaction processing (OLTP) applications on distributed systems, IBM® DB2® pureScale® offers clustering technology that helps deliver high availability and exceptional scalability transparent to applications. Based on technology from IBM DB2 for z/OS®, DB2 pureScale is available as an option on IBM DB2 9.7 Enterprise Server Edition and Advanced Enterprise Server Edtion.

Continuous Availability

With highly reliable clustering technology on IBM systems and a redundant architecture, data and lock status are immediately accessible to all nodes, ensuring consistent application performance even if a node fails.

Application Cluster Transparency

With DB2, you don't need to change your application code or retune your database to efficiently run on multiple nodes. Thanks to a proven, scalable architecture, you can grow your application to meet the most demanding business requirements. You can also run applications written for other database software with little or no changes; DB2 offers native support for commonly used syntax and PL/SQL procedure language, making it easier than ever to move from Oracle Database to DB2.

Extreme Capacity

Scaling your system is simply a matter of connecting a new node and issuing two simple commands. This cluster-based, shared-disk architecture helps reduce costs through efficient use of system resources.

Much more scalable than the competition - even a 128 node cluster gives 90% scalability.

Avoid downtime

Just a few minutes of downtime for critical applications can significantly damage an organization.

Some distributed shared-disk database clusters can take minutes to resume processing after host failure - but DB2 pureScale is designed to continue operating even in case of host failure and to maintain data consistency without performance degradation.

Centralized locking and cache management allows the remaining hosts in the cluster to access critical information promptly and quickly absorb the additional workload. No incoming workloads are rejected because the cluster is able to automatically adjust within seconds.

During planned outages, administrators can perform rolling maintenance on individual hosts without affecting the availability of the cluster.