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DB2 Performance and Benchmarks

Database performance matters

Whether you are running transactional or analytical workloads, database performance is a key driver to overall system performance. IBM® DB2® is designed and developed in the labs to deliver industry-leading performance to IBM clients. The results speak for themselves.

Leading benchmark records

As of March 1, 2012, DB2 holds the following leading benchmark records for database performance*.

  • DB2 achieves the first clustered database result published for the SAP® Transaction Banking standard application benchmark
  • DB2 holds the #1 single system TPC-C result in throughput for transactional performance
  • DB2 holds the #1 4-socket x86-64 TPC-C result in throughput for transactional performance
  • DB2 holds the #1 SAP 3-tier SD (Sales & Distribution) result, #1 SAP 2-tier SD single server result, and #1 SAP 4-processor result on Linux on 2-tier SD in SAP Standard Application Benchmarks

Over the years, DB2 has delivered many ground breaking performance results, well ahead of the competition.

Raw performance is critical to our clients and DB2 delivers the best performance numbers. However, the real value of our performance results lies in how they translate into lower operating costs for our clients. For instance, DB2 engineers strive to deliver the best per-core performance, which is important for clients in industries such as energy, mobile communications and financial services, who run database application workloads that use per-core pricing when determining total solution cost. Fewer cores for the same performance can translate into significant direct savings in licensing and ongoing annual software maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

Given the focus on lowering energy consumption, companies are keen to learn how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their IT. IBM calculations on the configuration used in the recently announced benchmark show it completed 53% more work per unit of power compared to power requirements published by Oracle*.

Longevity – the complete story

Industry benchmarks can be like a game of leapfrog, with vendors often passing one another. A more telling statistic is the overall amount of time a vendor is in the lead. The following diagrams were drawn from information on public Web sites and show the numbers of days of leadership in key industry benchmarks from 1 January 2003.


* For more information visit the IBM site