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DB2 Multi Temperature Data Storage

SolidDB - in-memory database for special cases

Not related to the subject of this page, but representing a higher tier: - Ultimate performance is provided by SolidDB - the in-memory implementation which is up to 10x as fast as a normal database using conventional disks.


DB2 Multi-Temperature

DB2 10 provides a cost-effective alternative which optimises your usage of different classes of storage:

  • SSD - fast, but limited in capacity and expensive.
  • SAS - conventional high performance hard disk.
  • NL-SAS and SATA - lower cost, lower performance alternative to SAS.
  • Backup starage - may be remote.


DB2 10 introduces support for multi-temperature data management. Multi-temperature data management allows you to store different portions of your data on different classes of storage. Although likely to be applicable to a data warehouse, it can also be applicable to OLTP.

Frequently accessed data will be classified as “hot”, less frequently accessed data will be classified as “warm”, infrequently accessed data will be classified as “cold”, archived data will be classified as “dormant”.

You can then allocate these different classes of data to different types of storage devices. Adopting such an approach helps you optimize your data storage environment - improving performance and cost effectiveness.

Data partitioning

Although this could be applied to segregate whole tables (or indexes), the real power of this technique is likely to be realised in combination with data partitioning, enabling older (less likely to be accessed) data within a table to be assigned to low performance storage and recent data to higher performance storage.