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Migration from Oracle to DB2

IBM has in recent years invested a lot of effort in making the transition from Oracle to DB2 as easy as possible

  • Moving is easy
  • Moving is low risk
  • Retain your investment in Oracle Skills

Why Migrate at all?

Usually there has to be a very sound business case to even consider migrating to a different database platform. Triggers could include one or more of the following:

Licensing Cost

Oracle customers can find that Oracle licensing costs come under strutiny, sometimes in connection with the need to develop their systems. A particular issue with some customers is Oracle's attitude to licensing in a virtualised (non Oracle VM) environment. IBM DB2 licensing costs will usually be a pleasant surprise.

Infrastructure Costs

DB2 puts a strong case for the superior performance and compression of DB2. Our customer success stories illustrate cases where existing hardware has accomodated several years of growth using DB2 which wouldn't have been possible with Oracle

Management Costs

DB2 offers a number of technologies designed to reduce the workload on DBA's, enabling them to concentrate on more rewqrding tasks, and ensuring the the database is running at peak performance all the time.


DB2 offers class-leading performance; our success stories include customers who moved to DB2 because pureScale offered scaleability they couldn't find elsewhere.

HP-UX and Itanium

Oracle's announcement that it would discontinue all software development on Intel Itanium has forced customers on this platform to reconsider their options.




In DB2 10 Early Access Program testing, DB2 obtained an average of 98% compatibility with Oracle PL/SQL. Oracle compatibility is native - deep within the database engine


DB2 has native support for the following Oracle™ Database features:

Oracle compatibility features


Views from Industry Experts

On the subject of DB2 Oracle compatibility, Oracle expert Lewis Cunningham says: "Ok, this is just freaky"

Another Oracle expert, Steven Feuerstein says:

"I think this is wonderful news for the PL/SQL community. Not only can I rebrand all of my books for DB2 (as in 'DB2 PL/SQL Programming' - wow!), but PL/SQL developers should have growing opportunities for jobs."

Back in 2009, when DB2 Oracle compatibility was relatively new, Gartner made this recommendation regarding DB2 9.7

"Oracle customers desiring to move away from Oracle should consider this release as an option for rapid, low-cost migration of in-house-developed applications."

Forrester says "Simpler database migrations have arrived"::

"Application developers and database administrators looking to migrate databases due to cost concerns, staffing problems, or technology issues should consider this new database compatibility layer option to mitigate risk, lower migration cost, and speed the migration process."



In reality, both Oracle and DB2 are major players in the database market, and each company takes the industry-standard performance benchmarks very seriously. For a particular benchmark, it is common to find that somethimes one company is ahead, only to be overtaken be the other a few months later.

The best measure is which company spends most time in the lead - which is the better database in the long term?


DB2 days leadership