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DB2 - Options for Oracle / HP Itanium customers

The original announcement:

In March 2011, Oracle announced that it would discontinue all software development on Intel Itanium:


This follows an earlier move to change the processor scaling factor, which effectively doubles the licencing cost for certain Itanium processors.

Following a court ruling on 1 Aug 2012, Oracle have made further statements regarding their position.

This issue has introduced an element of uncertainty and HP Itanium customers may wish to consider their options.


Two options to consider


Option 1 - Keep Oracle and Migrate to different Hardware

Move to a different hardware platform which is currently supported by Oracle. There is a wide choice which includes HP, Dell, IBM and of course Oracle's own hardware platform, Sun Microsystems™

Has the benefit of retaining Oracle and all your applications investment which can be transferred to the new platform with minimal change.

Which Hardware Platform?

Customers will understandably be concerned that having abandoned a platform once, this could happen again. The safe option would appear to be Oracle's Sun hardware. Some customers will be concerned at this level of vendor lock-in, or may question Oracle's long-term commitment to Sun Microsystems...

License Transfer

There will be a number of issues around transfer of existing Oracle licenses from HP-UX to the new hardware platform. Pricing may have to be re-calculated based on the new processor core-factors, number of sockets etc. This may not be a no-cost option!

Migration Logistics

During the transitional phase, rack space will have to be found to accommodate new hardware alongside the old. There may be issues with provision of UPS and air-conditioning as well as the footprint.

Disposal of Equipment

Unplanned disposal of your HP-UX servers and associated hardware is likely to hit your operating costs - amortisation calculations will be invalid and the resale market for Itanium may be weak. Termination of leases may incurr a penalty.


Option 2 - Keep HP-UX and migrate to DB2 - low risk and high reward

Retain your investment in hardware, applications and staff. With up to 98% Oracle compatibility your Oracle DBA's and developers will find a familiar environment, assisted by EIT expertise and migration tools. With the superior data compression and performance of DB2, you are likely to find that your existing hardware investment will gain an unexpected extension to its useful life - see Success Stories

DB2 - Class leading business benefits

Benefit from class leading DB2 technologies and performance with the proven potential for significant savings in licencing and operating costs

Tier-1 Support

IBM has committed to supporting HP-UX as a Tier 1 DB2 platform. IBM releases DB2 on HP-UX on the same day as other major platforms

Easy Migration

DB2 has native Oracle compatibility built in. IBM combined with EIT expertise can ease the transition - see Migration from Oracle to DB2

Spread the cost

IBM finance can help spread the cost, providing a compelling ROI case